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I’ll build you efficiencies to get you there.

The software industry is fickle. People are always revolutionizing their particular space; and therefore, job titles are all over the place. I’ve been called a Project Manager, a Product Champion, a Customer Success Consultant, Sprint Master, UX Designer, and a Senior Solutions…

Building a Persona Spectrum instead of a User Persona

The Brief

Simplify our configuration page for QuickBooks: Users cannot configure this add-on application without our direct help guiding them through the questions. How can we best help the user install and configure the application on their own?


What does the feature look like today? Why?

My client started a business as a consultant for Unreal Engine (UE4) development and built several game play systems that he could sell in the UE4 marketplace. He asked for a website to promote his business that matched his level of talent.

The Research

Unfamiliar with the UE4 gaming culture, I needed…

How a release notes nightmare became a rewrite opportunity

Cisco Release Notes circa 2009

Release notes are a thankless job. Even teams with solid release note practices say release notes are a necessary evil to record what changes happened to your product and when they went out. The current trend on the internet asks software teams to treat the notes like they are a…

ChickTech OC High School Kickoff: UX Workshop

The slide deck for the workshop

The future of tech depends on our technology feeling less and less like tech. As users are surrounded by devices and software as a part of their daily tasks, they expect their technology to be easy to use and a delightful experience.

We can no longer tell users to “just…

The Help Center for my project management software employer had been abandoned because DevOps was already balancing the workload of our web application and our public website. The support team’s site was another location to maintain. With this in mind, it looked like this to our customers:

An App for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

When an amateur is given a problem, he starts brainstorming solutions. Something great has to come out of that smattering of ideas, doesn’t it?

My best project results have always been when my audience brings me to a series of solutions, and by iterating on those solutions I uncover my…

Maggie Campbell

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