Software designer, constant curator, confidence builder, joy cultivator, forever tinkering, weeknight warrior, chronic over-thinker, deficit levels of attention


  • Melissa Wood

    Melissa Wood

  • Lawrence Ozeh

    Lawrence Ozeh

    Web Developer | Writer | Phoenix | Philosopher A phoenix and a philospher. πŸ”° Contact me β€” Ozehma@

  • Maxim Stepanov

    Maxim Stepanov

    MBA | Team Leader of UX Design | Human-Computer Interaction specialist | Experience in Product Development and Digital Communications. Based in Munich, Germany

  • Phi Le

    Phi Le

  • Allan Campbell

    Allan Campbell

  • Joseph Serwach

    Joseph Serwach

    Story + Identity = Mission. Author, Writer: Journalism, Leadership Culture, Communications, Religion, Education, History. Inspiration: Catholic, Polish.

  • Olivier Roland

    Olivier Roland

    Olivier Roland has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. He is currently a blogger, globe-trotter and YouTuber with over 250,000 fans.

  • Nicole Vandivort

    Nicole Vandivort

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