Write, design, produce. My days start, end, and run on gratitude and voracious discovery. Each day, it is easy to see the glorious colors and magnificent design in the world.

My worldview is constant abundance. There is always more to give. We should not take for granted that we are safe, secure, and our wants are minimal. Show this gratitude by sharing abundance.

Let’s give of what we have because there will always be more. Be it food, shelter, time, talent, treasure, love, beauty, patience, kindness, goodness. There is always more in this world. Make room for it.

Our world is shaped by practical design thinking. I am a human-centered problem-solver. My work changes people’s lives because users are able to maneuver easily in the digital world. Do not take this impact for granted. Embrace it with joy.

My vocation is dependent on this blend of logic and creativity, and my projects reflect that passion and abundance.

If we give, we naturally receive; if we need, we naturally manifest a solution; if we are mindful, the world lays a path before us. Our lives are a constant tension of effort and ease, work and play, give and receive, lead and follow. Design is intrinsically connected to this tension. In balancing seemingly opposite tensions, electric duck designs is at its best.

a pink neon duck on a black background

Software designer, constant curator, confidence builder, joy cultivator, forever tinkering, weeknight warrior, chronic over-thinker, deficit levels of attention