Case Study: Restructuring the Department of the Interior

A case for Information Architecture

[Double diamond design thinking from Dan Nessler]

User Interface

[The first style guide]

Organizing Content

[Current DOI top navigation and site map page]
[New and improved site map]

Testing a Navigation Structure

[Sample paper prototypes (template and pencil)]

Desirable Content

[Promoting blog and news]
[Team of DOI enthusiasts] & [Our SWOT analysis]
Most recent blog post from Travels with Zenke

Delightful Experience

[DOI is all about that ‘gram]
[Final style guide for the new site]
[Sample home page for desktop, tablet, and mobile using latest style guide]

What’s next?

Software designer, constant curator, confidence builder, joy cultivator, forever tinkering, weeknight warrior, chronic over-thinker, deficit levels of attention

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